Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog. This site has evolved from my passion to help others by sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained through my career in real estate and investing. The past 15 years of my life have been full of incredible opportunities, wins, lessons and growth. During these first few months of 2020, I reflected on these experiences and prayed for insight to know what path God wants me to take.

I had many questions going through my head. Should I focus more on any one of my businesses in particular or should I start up a new venture? Both of these questions and their potential answers left me feeling unfulfilled. The fact is, my current business ventures have systems and processes that keep them running smoothly. My businesses will keep going if I sleep in tomorrow or the next month.  I don’t think I’m rich but, according to the definition, I am wealthy as my assets pay for my lifestyle—which I am so thankful for.  But something is missing, I need to give back, I want to give back, but how? Through what mediums can I communicate and connect to likeminded individuals who simply need help or a nudge in the right direction?

You see, I am an entrepreneur, maybe even a serial entrepreneur.  I love to start businesses, partnerships, syndications and funds.  As I try to focus on choosing the right “path” – I’ve really been disconcerted as to what content to disseminate out to those who are interested and where to best formulate these thoughts. I have come to the decision that LennyLongo.com will be my soapbox for all the pots I am stirring. It is here I will share some of the juiciest nuggets of experience and will also allow me to promote my help and willingness to share to my current and future friends here.

My blogs will be reader focused and will not be about making me money but about topics and issues that will help others. I am aware that not everyone will be interested in all of my niches, so each blog will be segregated into easy to follow categories.

I believe in having a niche and focusing on it, and I love real estate. Perhaps, it’s possible to be a jack of all trades and a master of some.  To me, being a serial entrepreneur means I recognize opportunities across multiple sectors, acquire the business knowledge necessary to succeed in those various industries as well as employing a capable team ready to realize my dream.

So, again thank you for joining me here – I look forward to sharing, learning and helping many of you.

Here for you in success.