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Deal Analysis

Deal Analysis

Exit Strategies & Contingency Plans for Real Estate Investors

As a private money lender, my underwriting team (my wife) must sift through dozens of applications weekly.  As our loans are mostly repaid from a resale or refinance of the property, one imp

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Do You Want to Owe the U.S. Superfund Money for a Cleanup On Your Next Real Estate Deal?

When buying real estate, there are some ways you can save money on your due diligence.  You may think you can save a few bucks but you are risking a magnitude of more money.  Yet, there is o

Deal AnalysisDue Diligence

Important Due Diligence Documents

Frequently I’m called upon to underwrite a property.  Whether it is for a loan or a purchase for an investment property, some principal or borrower needs to know if their real estate asset w

due diligence
Deal AnalysisDue Diligence

Five Reasons You Need to Understand Due Diligence & Be Involved in the Review Process

You may have noticed this article is not titled Five Reasons You Need to Do Due Diligence.  I’m going to assume you already know you should be doing your due diligence before any investment.

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7 Reasons for Real Estate Investors to Choose Private Equity Based Lending

Stronger Offers. With private lender funds, you can make stronger offers with quicker closings and eliminate financing contingencies with offers just as good as cash.  Real estate brokers pr

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Should I use a Private Lender or Hard Money Lender?

There are some people out there that will delineate these two in completely different ways.  I personally think they are extremely similar. Let me give you some descriptions. What is a ha